How was 2016 for you? Was it a year where you got what you (thought you) wanted? Was it a year that taught you to reflect upon what really makes you happy? Remember that happiness doesn’t always mean getting what you want! We set goals and have ambitions & imagine that when we attain them that we will be happy. However yoga teaches us that if these goals start from the idea that somehow you were lacking or not good enough then they probably come from desires of the ego, social conditioning or the senses. Would we really be happier if we had a new car, or the sun came out, if we were not happy inside? The answer is obviously no. Yet most of us have to strive for these ambitions and goals before we can turn inwards to find happiness where we already are. We need to remember that you already are who you need to be, to fulfill your life’s dharma and connect to your heart felt desires.

When we learn to focus on channeling our energy into connecting to our real desires we find a deeper meaning to our life. So how do you find it? You listen!! You already know at a deep level who you are, although many of us spend many years trying to force ourselves to follow a different path.  However “It is better to live your own Dharma imperfectly, than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.” -Bhagavad Gita

The word dharma, may be to live in accordance with the laws of destiny and nature. To do on this planet what you are here to do. How do you find that out? Some people may have a strong deep knowledge of their path whilst others of us will try a few different roads before we find the one on which we are meant to travel. This could be of expectation from family, or society. It could be your beliefs or expectations, your culture or your fear that keep you from acknowledging your dharma.

When we live in harmony with our dharma we find the universe supports us, doors open and life seems easier and smoother. If your road is constantly full of obstacles maybe ask yourself if you are trying to follow another’s dharma rather than your own! So how do we find our own?

1. What excites you? Where is your joy in life?

 That is where your purpose lies. Your soul speaks through your emotions so listen to how you feel. If you love books, or travel, food or helping people follow these passions with your heart and mind open and see where they take you. We are always guided on our next step if we are open to the signs. Synchronistic coincidences are guiding lights on your path. Let your heart and mind be open to noticing how often the universe supports you or resists you. 

Choices & reflection

2.On our journey to find our right path we often need to let go of things that no longer serve us. We need to let go to make space. To allow room for the things, people and events that actually serve your dharma. Be honest about what you need to declutter..ideas, people, routines or habits so that your life can open to your purpose.

3.We also need to make space to listen. We need to learn to pause and build pockets of ‘nothing’-just being into every day. Watching TV or playing on your phone, scrolling through facebook or checking email doesn’t count. Get out in nature or get onto your yoga mat.Practice meditation and yoga to allow yourself a regular opportunity to connect to your Self. It will not only give you a healthier mind and body to allow you to follow your path but it will provide time to see, hear and feel your Sankalpa too.

So to make 2017 the year you get what you want. First reflect on what you want then set your sankalpa to allow you to attain it.

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