Isn’t it good to be feeling the warmth of the sun against your skin? I don’t know about you but everything seems brighter and more positive when the sun is shining. This has been a real year of reflection for me, reflecting upon what I want and what makes me smile. I love this adventure that we call life, with its challenges and opportunities, and like all the best adventures, its heroes and its baddies!!! I do like it better though when I can be sure there will be a happy ending!!

This new adventure, our new venue, has been my focus for much of this year.

As many of you will be aware of there have been plans made, and changed. Hopes raised and dashed. We nearly moved to Stretton and then we didn’t. I am confident that like many good stories, this one has a happy ending. 

Daresbury is a village of stories with Lewis Carroll writing Alice in Wonderland there. There is a magical feeling to the locality and I am sure we will have many happy memories, adventures and much laughter in the new venue. It has been lovingly restored by locals to a very high standard, and we are lucky to have found such a beautiful venue. Plus the tea shop up the road and the great pub next door imply opportunity for a more sociable yoga community in future months!!

So this is a short blog to update you on the move of our evening yoga early June 2017. I am excited as I hope it will bring opportunity, a feeling of community and a happy ending to the search for a new venue. So here’s’ to the next chapter of this adventure involving less hard work and more fun times!


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