Better than a new year resolution….

A Sankalpa is a statement, which allows us to bring out the best in ourselves. Its effect is to awaken willpower to realize what we are trying to achieve in this life. Our dharma. . ‘San’ refers to a connection with a higher truth and ‘kalpa’ to a vow or ‘rule to be followed above […]

7 ways to be your own hero in 2017

I know for me and for many close to me this last year has been one of challenges and self-reflection. A time of recognizing my strengths & my weaknesses and reflecting on who and what matters to me. This last year feels like it has been a time of facing yourself and the world in […]

How yoga helps you to be your own hero

So here I am four weeks after a spinal fusion operation looking back on my healing journey so far! Well its been a journey of reflection, learning about myself and what matters to me. It’s been a journey of self discovery on many levels. I think many of life’s challenges do this for us….allow us […]

3 ways to be less lonely…number 1 is obviously to do more yoga ;)

Loneliness Is more than being alone. We all know the idea ‘feeling lonely in a crowd’ and unfortunately we all know the feeling of being lonely although we are surrounded by people. What is loneliness…the feeling that you are alone isn’t the full story. After all being alone could be described as solitude or retreat […]

Yoga Core Strength Exercise Video (Part 2)

As regular readers of my blog will know, back in the summer I injured my back. It did me good in a way that these challenges often do. Encouraging me to notice where I had become complacent and what parts of my life needed attention. With hindsight I had been out of alignment since a […]