Capricorn New Moon

The final new moon of 2016 is deep in a Mercury retrograde, giving us space to do some evaluating & reviewing of the year gone by and what we have learnt. For many 2016 has been a turbulent year where we have faced our fears and our Self. This new moon is in Capricorn (the mountain goat) and reminds us that even when the terrain is tough, we have the strength, grace and balance to keep on our path. Even when our path feels like it is precarious or hard to follow, we need to have faith.

Learn to flow like water…around obstacles rather than trying to hammer through them. Like the goat, we can find a path where it may seem impassable….and like the goat we can find reason to play on route!! When we focus on the fun in the journey then life gets easier.

If you feel that you have lost your path, then pause and allow the moon to guide you. Like nature, we cannot rush flowers into bloom, nor can we rush knowing or moving forward. The Capricorn moon connects us to nature, to each other and to ourself. Giving us a motivated, empowering energy to move forward. It is calling us to action to become who we want to be. To create the life we desire and to do this from the inside out. We are learning to take personal responsibility for creating the path we choose to walk along. We are learning that the very action of creating this path changes both our destination and ourself.

Capricorn is an ambitious sign and in the new moon it gets us into a motivated mood to make positive changes. However, as Mars (the planet of Action) is in Pisces (the dreamy sign) this may be a different direction to what we would have thought in the past. The last year has changed us & encouraged us to reflect on our loves and our fears. Write your dreams down and visualize them, say them out loud to yourself in the mirror. While the sun has its own light, that of the moon has nothing to share but reflects back like a mirror. The Sun rules our conscious ‘what is clear to us’ and the moon rules our unconscious, what is hidden but never forgotten. Carl Jung said “…they constitute the personal and private side of psychic life.”

When we consciously recognize patterns in our daily life we are able to use the energy of the moon to affect our emotional cycle and daily decisions. 


Beliefs that you have

Beliefs that you want

I am unlucky. Nothing I do goes right

I am a lucky person who is supported by the universe

Losing weight is hard

Being healthy feels good

I can’t do this

Challenges are fun



Let’s think about how we can change our negative beliefs into positive intentions and thus positive action for the years ahead.

Visualize success

Think of the phrase ‘fake it ‘til you make it’

This can help us visualize our success and remove some of the negative beliefs that may hinder success.

  1. 1.    Visualize a future event…one where you have achieved your goal. Maybe it is weight loss, or a new job or a happy relationship. It could be an event already in your diary or time with friends or family
  2. 2.    Think about how you will be when you have achieved your goals! How do you look? What are you wearing and how are you wearing it (with confidence I hope!!), how do you sound when you visualize yourself socializing? What sort of things are you now able to do (like plan holidays now you have a new job?), how else has your life been effected by your success?

When we use visualization, especially during hypnotherapy or meditation we can access the subconscious emotional part of the mind. Once we can hold this image in our mind in a relaxed state we can help change lifestyle patterns or unhealthy habits. We can allow new feelings to settle into the habit part of your brain so our inner voice is supportive rather than disruptive.

After today you will be able to revisit this image to strengthen your resolve to be the best version of you that you can be. Use this time to be the BEST version of you that you can be.

How abundant is your life? 

Lets spend a few moments looking at the different parts of your life and how they relate to your perception of where you are and where you want to be in life.

The lower numbers represents dissatisfaction or lack of focus or  time or energy in that area. Number 10 represents satisfaction in that segment. This is your personal perception and reality so there is no wrong or right answer. How abundant is your life?

If this wheel was on the bicycle you ride through life…how smooth would your journey be?

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