Happiness is one of my life goals… it helps to enhance the quality of your life and the length of your life. A double win!!

There are a few things that we all need to be aware of in our search for happiness

  1. Fun makes life better! Experiences makes us happier than things…although things that allow us to have experiences such as yoga mats, or holidays also make us happy!
  2. Time matters more than money in making us happy. Even trying to live our life like we have more time makes us happier.
  3. Happiness does not rise with income after the point where your bills are easily paid. Listen to this
  4. Relationships are essential; strong friendships and relationships keep us happier and healthier. Loneliness and isolation are toxic and social interaction matters for a long, healthy and happy life. It is not the number of friends you have but the quality of relationships that matter. Good warm relationships lead to warm fuzzy happiness!!
  5. Learn to pause and feel gratitude for what you have. This helps improve happiness.
  6. Learning to be mindful. To be present in the moment helps our happiness.
  7. Being kind to others helps you to feel happier. So maybe purchase some pending yoga classes to give you some warm fuzzy happiness and someone else more yoga
  8. Exercise is linked to higher levels of happiness
  9. Finally time with friends is time well spent….investing in quality relationships both casual and close. Time with happy people is even better at promoting happiness so maybe ditch the drama and toxic people and focus on those who make you smile. Watch this to see the evidence that a good life is built with good relationships.

So I am going to conclude with an idea…that spending time and investing in an activity like yoga, which promotes making time for you to be grateful, to learn to move mindfully and to be in the present by focusing on your breath. Yoga promotes quality relationships with yourself and others, in a non-judgemental fun way.

So I plan to spend even more time with myself and with friends, on my yoga mat. Focusing on building my happiness.



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