Recently in class we have been exploring some simple sequencing of common postures. The advantage of working with short sequences is that it allows us to turn inwards. To focus on our breath. It allows us to frame our movement with our breath and bring ourself to that beautiful place of inner calm.

All this while your spine mobilises, your physical body becomes more comfortable and your mind becomes quieter. It encourages us to be calmer in body and mind. How we would like to be all the tome, except that life often gets in the way.

These short sequences allow you to find some moments of calm within your day. They are suitable for morning or evening practice. The lying practices are a great practice on their own or as a warm up for the kneeling and standing sequences. Please play and enjoy, listening to your body, your breath and the quiet.

Sequences….lying vinyasa

This is yoga. Please do not push your body into pain. Only move in a way that is comfortable for your body.

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