Moving closer to santosha

Obviously I am constantly striving to practice tapas, using this discipline and motivation to keep moving forward. However this can sometimes detract from the practice of santosha, contentment. Enjoying where you are rather than looking for where you could be.
So for me this trip has been beneficial in so many ways. Admiring the beauty of snow capped mountains, and being glad I don’t live there! Getting the chance to really appreciate what I have at home and how much my life suits me and who I am. So basically it’s done what a vacation should do, taken me to beautiful places, allowed me to spend quality time with family and friends, and allowed me to really appreciate the life I lead when not on holiday. So the feeling of wanting to move away was necessary to realise that actually I find my santosha at home.

learning to say no thank you, maybe next year…

I am like a girl in the first flush of love…I want to spend every hour of every day with my lover…it’s just as my lover is also my work, my hobby and something I share with many of my friends it really doesn’t give me the variety we all need in our lives. So those of you who think I do not listen…I’s just I have to believe that it is me that made the decision and came to the realisation that it isn’t a healthy way to continue That balance is about more than maintaining a calm inner mind and a comfortably strong yet flexible body. That balance is about variety in more than just my practice, my learning and my teaching. That my need to play & explore has to extend off my mat. Now just because I am taking time off yoga doesn’t mean I am going to sit around indulging in wine and cake…that wouldn’t be me…but I am going to have a lot more non yogi fun too. So if you see me changing this plan please feel you have my permission to kick my yogi butt back on track and off my mat a bit more!