Yoga Massage Therapy

Thai Yoga Massage combines massage, acupressure, breath work and yoga in an experience that may be described as ‘lazy man’s yoga’! It is a great compliment to yoga practice as well as a offering a powerful therapy to enhance physical well being and spiritual energy. It may be used to work with many physical ailments and injuries that may prevent the practitioner from a yoga or physical practice.

There are many benefits to be gained from a TYM as energy systems in the body are balanced; including greater joint flexibility, enhanced blood circulation, improved posture and alignment as well as relaxation.

Tabitha practices Northern Style TYM which may last for around 90 minutes and includes many yoga based stretching movements and work on the energy lines in the body. The massage is practiced wearing yoga style comfortable clothing for both practitioner and therapist.

Session cost (around 90 min)

  • Initial session £90
  • Five sessions £400
  • Ten sessions £750

For more details and available times please contact Tabitha on 07754 434350 .