Kids stuff

cool stuff the kids can do online…a whole days schedule of education!

Schooling resources  50 places to find free schooling resources

Happy Kids Yoga online

Mindfulness for Kids

From free audiobooks, free meditation, Joe Wicks PE sessions & even Carol Vorderman teaching maths!!

Music inspired ideas Music events

100 indoor survival challenges with Bear Gryllis

free audible (audiobooks) for kids

100 free apps for tweens and teens

virtual Disney rides 

Random stuff

Yoga online with Yoga in Cheshire

MOT situation if it’s due in the next 3 months

NHS appreciation group. From free dog minders to free coffees. Please know you’re appreciated

Learn Sign language for free

Free University Courses

Free opera & ballet

76 free musicals & plays online

21 classical music events here 

Music events from teaching to listening for families & kids

Free NCP parking here 

Free 5 day Buddhist retreat

NHS volunteers 

national theatre online every Thursday

Food & food delivery

Butchers Chilled out food in Stockport 

Fruit & veg deliveries from Warrington Market 

Morrisons next day delivery of food boxes

Plus a FB. group here giving fun healthy recipes

the egg lady 


some ideas for a kids daily schedule!!!