How to stay positive with Yoga in Cheshire

So now we are being told this is a second wave of infections. Like the waves on a beach (much nicer mental image) are different heights & strengths, let’s hope that this one is less scary big & more liveable with. However, many local areas are now having lockdown imposed, weather is not as warm […]

Celebrating harvest season with Yoga in Cheshire

So last week it felt like we arrived into Autumn. We had a lovely couple of weeks of warmth, maybe reminding us what we missed in late summer! Then the colder winds arrived & today the rain is coming down in sheets. Early Autumn brings some beautiful sights…the birds flying home to warmer climates (they’ve […]

studying yoga in more detail…yoga in Cheshire

We tend to think of yoga as a physical practice. However, asana (the physical postures) can be practiced as a physical act, a mental act and a spiritual act. It depends on how you approach your practice. I truly believe that yoga when practiced from the inside out, encourages us to move through our life […]

Under the full moon with Yoga in Cheshire

 The moon has a profound effect on us. It represents the emotional, feminine, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives. One cycle of the moon takes 28 days, in cycles of waxing and waning, bringing in and releasing, ebb and flowing. The cycle of the moon has different energetic influences at each of the stages. […]

Staying positive with yoga

So how are we just into our second week of official social distancing & not leaving the house unless its essential? All our daily routines have changed, plans are in disarray & we are kind of in a limbo, not sure if this will last 3 weeks or longer. I am loving the extra time […]

Yoga in Cheshire Online Yoga Classes

So the world has gone a bit weird. We are all socially isolating in our homes to varying extents & I’ve had to face my fears of technology & take my yoga teaching online! It’s been a week of firsts. A week of connecting to those people who keep me vaguely sane (yes that’s you […]

Exploring the breath on your yoga mat

Ujjayi Breathing Also known as: heating or victorious breath Benefits: Concentrates, lengthens, relaxes and directs the breath, focuses and supports the mind and allows the physical body to relax into asana practice. It is also said to give you victory over self doubt, laziness & self-destructive tendencies…..sounds great!! The breath links the mind and the […]

Autumn with Yoga in Cheshire

Both beautiful, and to my mind, often slightly sad, the season of Fall or Autumn, is about change, transformation & letting go. Although the trees show how the process of letting go can be beautiful, to me there is a sadness to the ending of summer. This is a time where we have many reasons […]