Both beautiful, and to my mind, often slightly sad, the season of Fall or Autumn, is about change, transformation & letting go. Although the trees show how the process of letting go can be beautiful, to me there is a sadness to the ending of summer. This is a time where we have many reasons to pause and reflect. The shorter evenings encouraging us to stay inside, get cozy & maybe turn inward. The Autumn Equinox allowing us to focus on balance. Maybe we can find a new perspective in Fall as it represents time for transformation.

For me it is a time for self-reflection. It has so often been a time where my life has taken a new turn. A new school term representing change from a young age & often a time where my life has taken a new turn as I have grown older.

The only constant is change’ Heraclitus

Autumn reminds me that another year has passed, our bodies, minds & surroundings are constantly changing. Autumn can be a good reminder to embrace the present moment .. the smell of frost in the air on an Autumnal morning, the rustle of a squirrel hoarding acorns, the feeling of your feet on a yoga mat cold from the car!! A reminder that everything changes, Summer turns to Autumn, and Winter into Spring.

The Autumn Equinox is the time when day and night are equal length. This highlights the importance of balance in our lives. How we need to let go as well as accumulate. How we need to bring balance into our lives in work, rest & nutrition.  The idea of letting go also stresses the temporary nature of all of these seasons. It won’t be long now before all the leaves have dropped & the earth has hardened into Winter, so enjoy each moment. Appreciate the colours and the cooling temperatures. Enjoy the leaves crunching underfoot & the cosy evenings in.

Maybe for you, Autumn is the best time of year. It provides an excuse to dress in warm jumpers & snuggly clothing. To put on boots & big socks, hats & gloves as a focus on comfort. Autumn means different things to different people. Some get excited over Halloween & honouring the dead, others more about the noise & drama of fireworks night. Some maybe like the lead up to Christmas, or the warming stodgier food choices. We all have our own perspective on the days shortening & the cooler temperatures.


Autumn also represents the preservation of life. Animals prepare for winter with thicker coats & storing food, farmers are harvesting crops, & often this is a time where we focus on the comfort of our homes. Maybe retreating into our cosy indoors or planning an update or decorating. It’s often interesting to see how the different seasons affect our behaviour. As the nights get shorter and cooler we also start to protect against the cooler temperature with warmer clothes and boosting our immunity. We may supplement with herbs, focus on diet or exercise. We are often more aware of ourselves and what we require to be well, warm and safe.




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