Unlimited Summer classes

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Payment for yoga classes from 18th July 2022 to 2nd September.

There are no classes bank holiday Monday.

This option is for unlimited classes both in person and online for the 7 week summer break.

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online classes & in person classes only from 18th July to September 3rd

a big smile and a happy body from all the yoga and sunshine!

Zoom link to be obtained from Yoga in Cheshire more than an hour prior to class please.

Facebook group is a private group & membership only for those who have completed a medical history form for Yoga in Cheshire.

In person classes please bring your own yoga mat

online & in person classes in the summer break

Medical Advice and Cautions

  • Before starting a yoga class check with your doctor and teacher/s. Be sure to tell your teacher about any concerns or physical limitations you may have.
  • Some of our classes are not suitable for pregnant women or for people with certain medical conditions. If you think that this might apply to you it is essential that you telephone for advice on yoga classes that would best suit your needs. If your medical condition changes you must inform your teacher in advance of the class.
  • If you are pregnant, tell your teacher, so he or she can modify postures for you. If you prefer, there are special yoga classes available for expectant mothers. Avoid postures that put pressure on the uterus.
  • If you are menstruating certain asanas (postures) are not suitable so please consult the teacher at the beginning of the class. It is also recommended to omit inverted postures during menstruation (e.g. shoulder and head stands).
  • When you practice yoga postures listen to yourself and your body, to respect its peculiarity’s and limitations, and have confidence in your own sense of right and wrong.
  • DO NOT continue any movement that causes you discomfort or pain. It is not easy in the beginning but gradually the yoga will increase your sensitivity and self-awareness.
  • Avoid comparing yourself with anyone else; yoga is about celebrating your individuality and working with your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Always warm up gradually and work at your own pace. While some stiffness may occur after the first classes, you should not feel pain.
  • Yoga in general – is not a competitive practice! So be content with what you do here and now and let flexibility and strength develop with time from within. The more you can ease into the practice the easier it is for the postures to come from within.
  • DO NOT force yourself into any positions.

Practical advice that is beneficial to support your yoga experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothing; it should not restrict breathing, digestion or circulation. Your clothes should be able to stretch but not be too loose or flowing. Remove loose jewellery. Yoga is always practised in bare feet to prevent slipping.
  • Do not eat any heavy meals less than two hours before the yoga practice. You can have a small snack such as fruit closer to your practice. Also do not drink more than a small glass of water half an hour before the yoga practice.
  • After the yoga practice you should always rest in a relaxation pose and with normal breathing. Put on some extra clothes, socks and/or a blanket so you don’t get cold. It is not acceptable to leave class before it has finished without pre arrangement with the teacher.

Please note that personal data shall only be processed for the purpose of safety and yoga and shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose or those purposes. The privacy statement is available at

If you experience emotional reactions during or after the yoga practice – welcome and accept the emotions. If you like you can talk it over with the teacher afterwards



Payment for yoga classes from 18th July 2022 to 2nd September.

There are no classes bank holiday Monday.

This option is for unlimited classes both in person and online for the 7 week summer break.

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