So the world has gone a bit weird. We are all socially isolating in our homes to varying extents & I’ve had to face my fears of technology & take my yoga teaching online! It’s been a week of firsts. A week of connecting to those people who keep me vaguely sane (yes that’s you lot ?) and a week of learning a few tips about this yoga teaching online lark! We have no group classes or face to face tuition until further notice. They are still your classes though so please let me know what you’d like to focus on. We will be doing slightly longer relaxations in all classes & offering stress relief hypnotherapy, extra mediations & even chair yoga in future weeks but at the moment we are sticking to the current timetable.

We have had an amazing response from our online classes. They may have been started in response to this situation but I am sure that an online Yoga in Cheshire live presence will remain after life returns to a more normal situation. It has been wonderful to be in contact with students who have moved away or live further afield. I’d love to continue to maintain that option. As I am sure we are all finding, amidst the scariness & the unknown are many positives. The increased sense of community, the acts of kindness. The reduced pollution & the way we are all re discovering hobbies, talents & skills we’ve not had time for. Hopefully at the end of this we will have acquired new skills, increased self discipline & an awareness of our neighbours. Our cupboards will be tidy & our gardens will be impressively manicured!!

So these online classes…I will try to explain how I am organising this & why!! Please feel welcome to tell your friends about our online classes but if they haven’t attended Yoga in Cheshire classes before please could you download the BWY Health Questionnaire 210320 & return it to Tabitha at tab at (please insert the @ for at for the email address) before signing up to classes. Here’s some guidance from my governing body BWY on online classes. Please remember you need to practice your yoga in an appropriate environment & that for any periods of time throughout a remote session during which students are absent, or otherwise move off screen; no liability will arise on the part of the teacher.

If you would like to join us please sign up to the newsletter for updates here (check as it sometimes goes into junk folders) &/or follow the links here 

Firstly we have two options to join in.

Facebook live & Zoom video. I chose to offer both as it provides options for different preferences.


Online drop-in classes are £5 each. You can also purchase a membership – allowing you access to unlimited online classes for £9.50/ week or if you’d prefer to just stick to two classes/ week this is £7.50. Obviously if you have lost your income due to this situation & are feeling financially insecure then feel welcome to make a donation of £1 or just attend for free (& please let me know so we can ensure you can continue your yoga throughout this difficult time online & when live classes return). All options are here
Already have a membership or yogacard? Use your existing method & attend as many classes as you can! If you have a yogacard please keep a record of class attendance & tick off 3 online classes per two stamps. If you run out you can purchase more classes online (see above) or we can sort it out in class when we return.

FB live allows you to see me but I can’t see or you!!I know some people don’t want to be on camera! I am one of them in more normal times!! Or maybe you don’t want to attempt new technology when life is already throwing you curve balls! FB live is great if you want to do yoga in your underwear, without a bra or just don’t really want people to be able to see into your home! You can however only communicate with me via fb comments so any issues or comments I have to read. It’s easy for those already on fb although you may have to wait a few hours for me to accept you into the closed groups! I’ve done a general Yoga in Cheshire Online classes group here  plus one for each of my types of yoga class. Gentle & Therapeutic classes, Dynamic & vinyasa classes & Hatha classes. So you can join the ones you already attend, or maybe try something new while we all have more time.

Zoom video is great for me as a teacher & a human being. It allows us the ability to interact. We can chat pre class & the social interaction with those we know from our regular classes help maintain some normality in our life. As a teacher it is great to be able to observe your practice just like I would in a real class. I can verbally adjust, keep an eye on any mis interpretations of my instructions & generally teach you rather than just instruct you. I know that many are wary of anything new in technology (me included) so here are some ideas to make it easier, trouble shoot any issues & some general advice (like please check your clothing isn’t going to be too revealing).

This zoom lark…some tips & tricks for teachers & students

  1. Send me your email address to receive the link to the class. Or I will put them in the relevant closed FB group.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing. For inappropriate clothing please use facebook live!!!
  3. Find an appropriate space for your yoga practice. Can you lift arms? Take them out to the side? Can you lie down & extend arms overhead. If space is restricted let the teacher know so they can provide modifications.
  4. Also inform the teacher of any new health issues that they may not be aware of. Maybe a grumpy back from all the gardening!!
  5. Have all your props to hand. Improvise. A carpet or rug will do if you don’t have a mat. A thick book &/or a cushion can replace a yoga block.
  6. Arrive at the meeting early enough to sort out any communication issues, muted mics & placements of cameras.
  7. When you arrive at the meeting/class put your laptop or whatever your using on gallery view because then all your participants will be in squares all over your tv screen and you can go and check on them when in posture and give verbal cues. If you’re the teacher stay that way. If you’re a student you maybe able to ‘pin’ the teachers image so they stay in large screen or you can go to speaker view when the class starts so that you can focus on the teachers demonstrations.
  8. Once the class starts please mute (unless obviously you are the teacher!!). There is a chat button that waves a little hand if they need you or if you have a query just unmute to ask your question.
  9. Arrange your laptop etc so as much of you can be seen as possible. You may adjust from seated/ lying postures to the standing postures. Usually about six foot away allows the whole body to be seen but obviously that is not feasible in most rooms in a house so feel welcome to adjust during class. Teachers may plan their yoga practice to take this into account & for example request a change of camera angle when focusing on standing postures.
  10. Don’t use music as it distorts
  11. Be patient with any glips. Be willing to laugh…we do in live classes so don’t expect perfection now we are on camera. We are not in Hollywood where everything is edited. This is live, it’s actually quite fun & its providing us all with a bit of calm & space for us in the midst of all the unknown
  12. Doing it yourself…It’s also a great way for you to keep in touch with family, neighbours and friends. Maybe use it to have a virtual coffee morning or go to a virtual pub with your friends. We need to maintain social interaction or we get lonely. There is a difference between solitude & loniliness. See here for some ideas . I am happy to help if you’ve any issues in setting it up but basically just click Schedule a meeting…go through the steps. You need a topic (coz you may get into this & plan different ones for different people…do you want your mum dropping into your virtual pub chat!!!) when (ensure time zone is UK), I’d suggest clicking video on, audio to both & in meeting options enable join before host. Once its saved you get a link…like the ones I send you. You don’t need all of it just the link, the meeting id & the password
  13. ZOOM HELP / FAQSHow to download Zoom·      How to Join the class click here·      Zoom support centre click here·      Test audio/video click here·      Audio not working click here·      Video not working click hereTroubleshooting
    • Check that your computer/device has working audio & video
    • Leave the meeting (class) & try the link again
    • If the link isn’t working, try entering the Meeting ID & password instead
    • If all else fails – contact zoom support, there is a chat option on the website

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