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Yoga in Cheshire aims to provide a friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable environment in which the individual can begin or develop their yoga practice. I would like to impart some of my enthusiasm and love of yoga and the yogic way of life. I feel that modern day society and the priorities we may have can lead to tension, stress and inflexibility, both physical and mental. Allow yoga to help you to improve the way you feel and provide you with a practice and understanding that will allow you to adapt better to the demands of modern society.

What’s On Today

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We have classes on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

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TimeClass TypeVenue
6:30-7:45pmDynamic HathaStockton Heath Methodist Church Hall, WA4 6LP

You can see when all our classes are scheduled on the Timetable page.

Where To Find Us

Yoga Classes & Teachers

Yoga classes are available throughout Cheshire; in Cuddington, near Northwich and in Stockton Heath, Warrington. Personal tuition, workshops, yoga retreats, holidays, relaxation/ meditation, yoga therapy and corporate yoga, healthy living or stress management events can also be arranged. It is also possible to organize classes at your workplace or home.

Classes are open to both beginners and experienced students of all ages. See the ‘Yoga classes’ page for details of different classes.

The team at Yoga in Cheshire includes the owners, Ali & Tabitha as well other experienced teachers and therapists. All yoga teachers are BWY qualified, fully insured and with up to date First Aid.


Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Individual Yoga Tuition

Individual yoga tuition is for those unable to attend classes. Your class can be at your home or work, for just yourself or include your friends. Maintain a regular practice and adapt the yoga for you! Maybe you just don’t know where to start & want some guidance before attending group classes or you just prefer more individually focused tuition.

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Online Yoga Tuition

Are you struggling to get to classes or have you relocated away from your favourite teacher? Skyp, Microsoft teams or zoom sessions are great if you would love to have a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home at a time & place convenient for you.

All you need is a yoga mat and a computer or phone!

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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can benefit everyone, whatever their age, ability or experience. Correctly taught and practiced yoga is completely safe, yet as challenging as you want it to be. It brings many benefits physically and mentally and is a great way to help people deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The postures within the physical practice are unique, in that no areas of the body are omitted from being used, including fingers, toes, eyes and internal muscles. A fully rounded practice will develop long lean muscles, which have stamina and strength, and healthy digestive and reproductive organs. Many postures use a combination of the breath and the body’s own weight and awareness to develop strength in both the body and in the mind. Flowing sequences working with the breath develop flexibility and fluidity, which help to keep the whole body healthy and improve alignment. Attention to detail and inner focus helps develop body awareness in postures and this is then taken into day-to-day life.

It can help work with and improve imbalance and instability in the body. Driving a car, sitting at a desk or sports can al cause postural habit which bring discomfort.  Yoga practice will help to bring lightness to your physical and mental life. Regular practice will inspire a greater respect and awareness of your body and how it reacts to the world.

It is able to

  • Improve and Correct Posture
  • Slim the body and give better muscle tone
  • Improve flexibility and ease stiffness
  • Align the spine and ease or prevent back problems
  • Improve fitness and energy levels
  • Improve blood circulation
  • De-toxify the body
  • Relieve the symptoms of stress
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Improve overall health and resistance to illness
  • Give a more youthful appearance

Yoga is commonly seen as a form of exercise that stretches the muscles, however it is far more than this….Yoga is about transformation, not hamstrings, but along the way we have to take care of them. This is a direct experience, as practice will open your eyes to things you have not experienced before. It will take you beyond the mundane survival level and into a whole new appreciation of life. Having a yoga practice can open your eyes to notice the beauty in the world around you.


‘No farmer has ever hoed a field by turning it over in their mind.’
So to experience the benefits of yoga you need to try it!

Change Your Life

Genuine yoga will change your life, your habits, your body, your health, your mind, your breathing patterns, your attitudes, and your outlook. It is about learning from direct experience. You will develop understanding of how your body works most efficiently. You will learn how your conscious and unconscious mind can either support or harm you and how to quieten the conversations we have with ourselves.

More than postural alignment and breathing

It is a spiritual practice or discipline that helps the individual unify his/her body, mind, and heart. It is a direct experience of the vast interrelatedness of all life and of all things. You will feel at peace at the end of a class because there is a natural realignment of your body, which leads to a natural realignment of your perception of life and of who you are.

Benefits come to those who practice

Through steady practice, you will manifest less self-importance, less material attachment, more capacity for joy, and more tolerance toward others. If you stay with your practice long enough, you may find you change, becoming kinder and more accepting to yourself and the world around you. This flexibility of mind occurs alongside the flexibility of body more commonly associated with yoga! There is no competition on the mat as everyone is different. Practicing yoga with a properly trained teacher at Yoga in Cheshire will give you a feeling of energy, renewal and well being and over time the ability to feel in control of yourself.

Special Offers

Studio Mats from just £18
Sure grip mats & extra wide mats also available

Two classes a week for £50/five week course
More yoga means a more comfortable life

Pay monthly £55/month unlimited classes
Plus discounts on workshops, props and retreats.


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