Yoga FAQ’s

Yoga practice can be suitable for all ages and levels of fitness. 
To determine a suitable class please see different themes of the class and/ or contact the teacher who will be happy to advise. 
Small group and individual tuition can also be arranged.

Which Class?

Which class you choose depends upon what you are looking to gain from your yoga practice. Therapeutic yoga classes include joint opening sequences, breathing exercises (pranayama), relaxation and gentle asana (posture) work. These are great for stress relief, arthritic joints, pain management and lower fitness levels. They focus on the use of breath and gentle movement to increase space and provide physical and psychological benefits. They are great if your fitness level is low, after injury or just to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Dynamic, Vinyasa and core strength classes extend the focus on the breath into working with more dynamic movements. These are more physical & will include more standing asana and increased focus on working toward integrating postures into a flowing vinyasa (sequence). These are great for increasing strength, stamina and flexibility and are suitable for all levels of experience.

All classes involve focus on the breath and it’s benefits in creating space and direction in the body. Students are encouraged to work within their individual capacity and not to be competitive on the mat. The classes are primarily for the students benefit and therefore suggestions, concerns and ideas are welcomed in discussion with the teacher.  The classes are all suitable for beginners and more experienced students and differ more on the level of physicality. If you have no health concerns then maybe consider trying both and seeing which you prefer.


These run on a 5 week block basis with a new course starting straight after the last. The start of which will be available on the website or by phone/ email. You can join at any point and just pay pro rata for the remainder of the block. The block entitles you to any 5 classes flexible between days and venues within the 5 weeks but they don’t ‘roll over’ if not used. If you require more flexibility please purchase a ‘yogacard’ which are valid for up to 18 months and can be used as and when you