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Yoga is not about what it looks like

So much of modern life seems to be about the external look.. with the increased focus on social media & how we look. Yoga is about the inside. Sometimes in a class I may instruct you to play, to feel into a posture, to breathe into a stretch. These are all ways a yoga teacher […]

Yoga in Cheshire changes how we look, feel & notice

Teaching at Cuddington on Thursday led to a conversation about people watching. About how much we can tell of a person from their postural tendencies and the attitude of their body. Posture can be effected by many different things; physical restrictions, such as weak or tight musculature or previous injury, lifestyle; driving and computer work […]

Yoga in Cheshire thinks community matters

Things keep changing, goalposts keep moving, but we need to stay positive. A year on from when the first murmurings of a disease in China started to seep out. Now we have knowledge about treatment & not just one, but many, effective vaccinations. We may have differing opinions on the efficiency of our government, but we are all in this together . […]

Meditation not medication with Yoga in Cheshire

The Latin root for the word medication is the same as that for meditation…to heal. Meditation heals…the act of meditation changes the way the mind sees the world around us.  I don’t know about you, but I am not someone who is naturally quiet in my mind! As a child I drew, wrote poems & […]

Yoga has helped, even me, find a calm mind

Occasionally I look back to the person I was before I did so much yoga. The day when my yoga was a class or two a week, or even less. Remembering when I did not have the skills or knowledge to help myself feel more comfortable in mind & body. I remember being truly confused […]

Interpreting different Styles of yoga with Yoga in Cheshire

There are many different styles of yoga practice out there. From those who just practice the physical side, to those that include all chanting, meditation & breathing practices. There are styles that focus on long restorative stays in relaxed postures to those that focus on strengthening muscles or aiming to hold gymnastic postures like handstands. […]

Restore over Winter with Yoga in Cheshire

Whereas the final few months of the year often find people in a frantic state of shopping, partying, decorating, travelling & trying to have fun this is not necessarily how nature intended it. We are out of sync with natures natural cycles when we do that. Hence with this strange year restricting our activities can […]

hypnotherapy with Yoga in Cheshire

Click here if you’d like more details on the hypnotherapy course for November 2020. I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a little extra padding than I did in March. I am eating the same (so I tell myself) but if I am honest there are probably a few more cups of tea […]