The Latin root for the word medication is the same as that for meditation…to heal. Meditation heals…the act of meditation changes the way the mind sees the world around us. 

I don’t know about you, but I am not someone who is naturally quiet in my mind! As a child I drew, wrote poems & daydreamed…all to bring into being those constant thoughts that whirled around my mind. As a teenager & adult I found a notepad by the bedside allowed me to write things down, so they didn’t keep me awake at night. Then I discovered yoga. The type of yoga, Viniyoga, that I trained in was just perfect for my mind. Although other types of yoga like Vinyasa flow made me feel physically open, Ashtanga yoga worked with my competitiveness…working towards a goal of achieving postures. Viniyoga allowed me to focus. Viniyoga has at its core framing the movement with the breath & the idea of adapting the practice to the person. 

Viniyoga helped me adapt my world to who I was rather than feeling like I was constantly adapting myself to fit in. I have learnt to have a relationship with myself through yoga. A kinder more forgiving relationship than I used to have. One where I accept my limitations, admire my abilities. One where I am happy to sit with myself in meditation. Rather than medicating the mind with alcohol or drugs I would suggest a yoga &/or meditation practice to everyone. 

I strongly feel that kids & teenagers should have the opportunity to learn the skills to have this relationship with themselves. I feel that yoga & meditation should be taught just as we do sports or maths. I honestly believe that learning those at an earlier age would have saved me much heartache, sadness & feeling like I did not fit in. Rather than throwing medication at things could we not pause for a moment & practice meditation too? 

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