Yoga for Men

It is only in recent years that women have been practicing yoga- originally the practice was a male dominated activity. In fact many of the postures (asana) are easier for the male physique than the female having being designed by men for men!

However many men are put off by the popularity of yoga with girls, especially female celebrities such as Geri Halliwell and Madonna. However there are also many devoted male yogis; not just teachers and celebrities such as Sting but also many athletes such as Ryan Giggs and Tiger Woods. Many top football teams also utilise yoga as part of their training.

Yoga helps improve focus, balance, coordination and flexibility as well as provide a practice which balances body and mind helping relieve stress and improve sleep patterns. It compliments weight training and makes you stronger, helping to relieve back pain and prevent training injuries. It can also help in relationships, not only by mentally calming & de stressing but also charging up and improving your sex life!
It can help to prevent injury, relieve stress, remedy problems caused by sitting at desks and in cars as well as improve flexibility, strength, coordination and stamina. You do not have to be flexible to begin practicing yoga, this is something that will improve with regular practice. It is about listening to your individual body and working with, not against yourself. In fact as one respected yogi said…if you can breathe you are able to do yoga…so no excuses…

Basically yoga is good for you! It can help manage and relieve ailments such as back pain, stress, high blood pressure, weight problems, digestive problems/ IBS, asthma, depression, arthritis and diabetes to name a few supported by research.