About Ali

Ali Tennant BWY Dip

Ali has been practising yoga for 25 years and teaching since 2014. Like many people, Ali first came to yoga because of health problems and discovered the benefits a physical yoga practise can have without understand why she felt so amazing afterwards. 

Inspired to learn more about the philosophy behind this ancient system, Ali began a lifetime of learning, firstly completing her British Wheel of Yoga Foundation course in 2010 and then went on to complete the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Level 4 500 hour Diploma with Sarah Beck.

Since then Ali has also completed a number of additional training and workshops including a Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training course, Vinyasa with internationally renowned Jason Crandell, Yin Yoga with Norman Blair and Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff. pic of Ali

Ali spent 20 years as Marketing Director in a fast-paced commercial environment, working super long days, managing teams and budgets of many millions of pounds. Having suffered from stress, she found solace in the seasons & cycles of nature. Yoga will always been the Yin to her Yang and now she is able to fully immerse herself in her teaching and use her passion and skills on the mat. Away from the mat, Ali is happiest when connnected to the Elements and can usually be found in a forest or on a beach somewhere walking her two spaniels.

About Tabitha

Available for Yoga Therapy, one to one tuition, corporate classes, Thai Yoga Massage, Hypnotherapy.

Tabitha Cohen BSC, MSc, BWY Dip, PT Dip, REP, WFI, GP Exercise Referral, Dip Nutr

  • BEST Master Practitioner Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • BEST Dip LC, BEST Dip HSM,
  • Member of the NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners

Qualifications include; BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) Diploma; REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals; Wright Foundation Exercise Referral Instructor, Master Practitioner in Applied Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coach, Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Foot Massage,

MSc Weight Management; BSC (Hons) Psychology; BACP Counselling Certificate; First Aid; Personal Training Diploma (level 3); Nutritional Therapy Diploma

tabitha-cohenDiscovering Yoga

Tabitha discovered yoga in her late teens, dabbled through her twenties before developing a more disciplined practice in her thirties. Injury and health concerns have taught her that yoga provides insight into your own body’s  structure and physical restrictions and limitations. This developed into a kind, compassionate and non harming attitude toward her own practice. This she hopes to extend to her students both on and off the mat.

As demonstrated by her qualifications, Tabitha is continually looking to study and learn about how to improve well being on many levels; physically, physiologically and spiritually to enable our lives to be more open to happiness and wellness.

Tabitha Says…

Yoga is a journey, along which I can act as a guide & support. Using the knowledge and experience gained from training with a number of amazing and inspiring teachers in a variety of styles to create an individual style.  I am truly committed to ongoing study & my personal practice, which allows me to teach others about the joy of the breath & how it can open into the physical body and calm the mind. My education in nutrition and Thai ‘Yoga Massage as well as my Masters degree in Weight Management also allow me to advise and guide in helping the physical body feel lighter as well as creating space in the body through yoga. I like to incorporate my varied qualifications from Hypno therapy and counselling through to more physical body work disciplines such as Thai Yoga Therapy to provide students with opportunity to expand and develop in their personal practice and also their day to day lives.’ Yoga unites the mind and the body and therefore I  feel the more I can learn about both the more I may understand how they can be balanced and connected

A Yogic Journey

Everybodys’ practice and the journey may be different but the results will be apparent internally & externally in both body and mind. Both in your internal relationship with your ‘self’ and in your relationships with others, changing how you view & move through your world. Whatever we are doing it always comes back to the breath, it is the breath that allows us to move into a place of internal stillness. That connects our physical bodies and our wayward minds and allows us to move with openness, fluidity and focus. Exploring simple principles of gaining support from our breath, then using that support to create space. With space we have opportunity…to notice, to move and to change. Space can be the opposite of restriction. Yoga is not a restriction it is an opportunity to create space; physically, mentally and spiritually. With space we have the opportunity to focus and find our direction’

Why Tabitha Teaches Yoga

Through recent years her personal yoga practice has provided her with the space, strength and determination to teach yoga in a way that allows her to share her enthusiasm and love of the yogic lifestyle and associated benefits with others. Aiming to create a fun, relaxed and inspiring environment in which students can develop and learn at their own pace, in a way that suits their individual requirements. Practicing and teaching different styles including Viniyoga, Yin, Yoga as Therapy, Vinyasa Flow and Hot Yoga. All with focus on the breath and attention to individual anatomical structure. She continues to study with a variety of teachers to create an interesting, fun and knowledgable basis for her own style of yoga practice. This will include adaptations and modifications to more traditional yoga postures and sequencing to encourage health and well being in both the physical body and the mind.