Below are just a few of the comments that have been made about Yoga in Cheshire’s yoga classes and hypnotherapy.If you’d like to leave a testimonial that would be lovely…just email me & let me know what you’d like to say!!


‘I have lost five pounds already, I only saw you Wednesday!!! I think I was eating 1200 calories a day in sugar alone. Am now loving tea au natural now (no sugar) & seem to be able to eat healthy food and snacks as much as I want!! Oh and I haven’t had 1 headache which is unprecedented for me…wow who would’ve thought sugar would’ve done that!! You’re a star’  C 2017


“I began yoga to help me recover from pregnancy related pain and to loose some of that stubborn baby weight back in January of this year.  I am now completely pain free (for the first time in years!!) and have literally lost inches! I love the meditation and feel that Tabitha’s classes have brought a valuable ‘time for me’ balance to my life. I’m hooked!!”
ZJ 2013

For almost 3 years I have experienced sciatica down my right leg. The pain and discomfort for me was in my buttock, my hamstring area and my heel. As a keen runner and footballer this was playing havoc with my life and I needed to get it fixed. I tried all the exercises I could find on the internet and whilst some provided temporary relief the sciatica always came back. I had an MRI scan of my lumbar spine which back all clear and I was given some physiotherapy in order to try and help the problem. Once again the sciatica remained. Someone at work suggested I try an osteopath. Initially things seemed to be going well and the discomfort subsided slightly. Its was her that suggested I try some flow yoga!  I found Tabitha on the Internet and attended one of her weekly classes. To say the results were amazing is an understatement. After just one session I would have to say honestly my sciatica had reduced by 95%. I am now a regular attendee of yoga with Tabitha and am determined to make it part of my life in order to stay sciatica free and healthy overall. I cannot recommend Tabatha’s yoga classes enough and am so glad I eventually found a cure for such a frustrating and limiting condition. Thank You Tabitha and keep up the good work!
Mr B Page

Hi Tabitha, I love reading your newsletter – just reading it feels relaxing! It’s a pleasure to read. Looking forward to trying the new Wednesday class.  I never get much chance to chat to you in class – but I have to tell you that when I wake up on a Tuesday morning, my first thought is yoga & it brightens my mood all day. I always put fresh bedding on a Tues and go to bed wearing my favourite Jo Malone – all part of the yoga experience! I just needed to share that with you. Yoga is life changing & I love it!”
JC 2014

Thanks for last night. I slept better than ever, even better than when on holiday. It has set me up in readiness for the week ahead.”
H Sept 2014

Dear Tab, thankyou so much for this evening – it was exactly what I needed – all my subconscious tension flowed away..

 You are a Gift to the World !!”
C 2014

“When I first started Tabitha’s yoga classes, I did it mostly for exercise and to stay flexible. After a couple of months though I found yoga to be something I had not expected. Having previously been cynical of the spiritual side of yoga, I now find myself looking forward to the relaxation and meditation the most! It is not an exaggeration to say my life has changed through yoga and I feel a much more grounded, calmer and happier person. Thank you Tabitha for being such a friendly and inspirational teacher.”
CG 2013

“I have been to a few of your yoga classes Tabitha and just really enjoyed them, and the feeling of more strength in my leg. I was hit by a car and badly broke my leg a few years ago. So, i do believe yoga is a good way of strengthening the muscles.With other commitments i cannot always get to all the classes,but really do enjoy the ones i do get to. Thanks.”
J  Sept 2014

“Yoga in Cheshire is Inspiring & Infectious!! Tabitha’s love of yoga is at the heart of her teaching & her energy, knowledge and passion has created a wonderful yoga community of positive and beautifully spirited friends. Yoga for me has helped me to connect with my purest self again. It has reminded me that it’s OK to allow myself time for ‘me’.  It has given me an internal strength that empowers my actions, my thoughts & my choices.  It has provided me with the ‘space’ on my mat to be truly present in the now and to notice how wonderful that feels.  It has physically strengthened, toned and lengthened my body in ways I never imagined it could.  My body, my mind and my energy are all stronger, healthier & brighter.  It has helped me to repair internal scars and look forward every day with a more open heart and mind. I have gained cherished friendships & learnt so much from both Tabitha and the Yoga Teachings.  It really has become a huge part of who I am and I couldn’t recommend Yoga in Cheshire and Tabitha as a teacher more. Namaste”
AR 2012

The yoga & meditation sessions you both provided were totally amazing, challenging & fun. 

Our room was spot on & perfectly located close to the Spa. 

The food served was delicious & the sort of choices we would normally make. 

I’ve been constantly raving on about the weekend to all my friends, the Mums at school & generally anyone I speak to!!!

Thanks again to you both for making it a fabulous weekend all round! “
AS 2012

“Thanks for a wonderful weekend, feeling fantastic afterwards, my glutes are only just recovering! The half-moon pose was ace, especially with help and then against the wall. It was a great experience having two yoga teachers benefiting from the extra adjustment and assistance in postures also. “
D 2013

“Thank you Tabitha and Adele for great retreat at crewe hall, you two make a good team, amazing how you can deliver a hard class whilst having a laugh in between, not many teacher’s can do that. Looking forward to the next one really enjoyed it. “
G 2013

“just a quick note to say thank you for making the week-end great fun and so enjoyable. I feel great after it and am looking forward to our class with Adele tomorrow.

It was a pleasure to meet you and as well as the yoga, thanks for all the other info and advice as well. Hope you got back in time for your class last night!.Take care and thanks again”
M 2013

“I wanted to say a massive thanks for a brilliant weekend. It was all lovely. I enjoyed every class as it was great to do things I knew and also new things to push and challenge -even if my butt screamed no at some points  and was so chuffed to do that head stand at the end! Thanks for all the hard work you put in to make it so good. ”
Jane 2013

“Hi Tab, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed tonights yoga, I didnt realise how different it would feel going back to the school, I remember being there all nervous, stressed, tense, scared, not knowing anyone, never thinking Id be on the front row!! Tonight was great, the sun shining, the breeze was perfect, everyone saying Hi, you make it all feel so good, such a difference to my life. A huge thank you to you.”
KT 2013

“I have been going to yoga classes at Yoga in Cheshire with Tab for about 3 years. I started going to 1 class a week I now do 6, I really enjoy the classes because they are varied,enjoyable and attended by great people. Tab’s classes include great exercise and relaxation,Tab is very informed about how the body works, she has helped me with a knee injury. Yoga has become a big part of my life thanks to Tab.”
Rachael Terry 2012

“I have been going to Tabitha’s Yoga class over 2 years now. I really enjoy her style of Yoga. Tabitha always give’s very clear instructions, explaining the different parts of the body throughout the practice. The Yoga Philosophy and breathing techniques are always included in each class. And finishes with beautiful Relaxation in Savasana. Tabitha has a great personality and her communication skills are second to none. I qualified as a Yoga Instructor last year, Tabitha has been very encouraging and terrific support to me.”
Brenda McCooey 2013

“I’m wearing my first pair of size 10 trousers in a decade!”
K 2013

“After being hesitant at trying a yoga class I was so warmly welcomed by Tabitha and the group I felt right at home. Not knowing whether yoga was for me, now I absolutely love it. I’m noticing the change in my body as well as being a great way to destress. Meditation is also very yummy. I never knew I could be so relaxed and awake at the same time. I couldnt live without yoga now! Thank you for making it fun and interesting. I really look forward to classes and i’m looking forward to  doing lots more. I do love it. Last night was brill. Looking up to a clear blue sky in gorgeous sun, nothing better. See you tomorrow”
J 2013


“Level of meditation greatly increased – no external thoughts getting through! Feeling of being unable to move – pinned down almost. Great feeling of heightened internal focus. Slept very well that night afterwards. It took me some time to feel ‘with it’ the next day. Interestingly, I slipped into a very relaxed meditative state at the Sunday evening class much more easily than normal. Overall for me the combination of the session  was very powerful. I would certainly participate in other sessions and would recommend it to others who expressed an interest.”
C  2013