health check in with yoga in Cheshire

   It’s been a lovely month of ‘false spring’ with the warmer temperatures making it easier to get outside tidying the garden after Winter & making plans for the sunnier months. I’ve not only been doing this with my garden but also my own mental & physical health. Personally I like to do an annual MOT, some stuff involving professionals […]

Yoga in Cheshire reflects on the journey

practiced anywhere.
Hence there is no reason not to include reflection and meditation within your life. There is always opportunity to quieten your mind, to reflect and to focus. This allows us to widen and clear our vision, gives us the information and opportunity to change behaviours, attitudes and action and hence to broaden our opportunities. We all would say we want to appreciate life more, to see the life we are leading and to enjoy and maybe improve the scenery on the path we choose. Also the reminder that there are so many other paths available to us, although the route between paths and roads can be even tougher than getting out of deep ruts on the existing path. In my experience it is often that which we have found tough in route that provides the greatest rewards.
Reflection, for me, has re enthused my drive for positive change. I am inspired to continue my reflection but maybe with more planning. Reflecting on how certain events have shaped me and how certain people make me feel. I am hoping that this will open my eyes to making positive changes in the future. For me staying in a rut is never going to open my future potential for if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you’ve always done. Hence I will learn from my past, notice my present and open up my future.

Finding time & space to relax with yoga

Getting outside our ordinary everyday routine is wonderful for showing us things we need to change! as well as those things we need to appreciate! I have certainly noticed a few of both in this holiday. I have a life at home where, although I am busy, it is doing things that make me happy! I get to share my passion with wonderful people, to open my heart and my world to new experiences daily. I do however see many of these wonderful people stressed and worried as they have many demands made of them every day. Hence the new relaxation on YouTube using a metronome that can be used to bring a sense of focus and inner quiet to your day. Using an app…easily available for free on the iPhone…please let this bring some space to your holiday time that is just about you.
So my enthusiasm is really fired up for establishing more of these opportunities for others. More yoga holidays and lifestyle retreats. More different experiences where people can find space for themselves. Time for yoga (well obviously!!) but also combined with other opportunities. Maybe walking, maybe nutritional advice or therapy. Maybe weight loss and fitness retreats, maybe yoga retreats which also include hypnotherapy and motivational sessions. Holidays which are opportunities to discover the inner you. The peaceful light part of you that is intuitive. The part that tells you the answers you’ve been looking for, rather than the answers you hear from the external world. Retreats that allow you to notice the inner quiet, and find the peace that seeps through every part of you when you spend time there.

an interesting week of yoga & self study

I want our studio to be a physical expression of what we do in the charity workshops. A place where we all come together to enjoy yoga and ourselves. Where students from different places can experience different teaching styles from different teachers with an open mind and a body willing to try new experiences. I want each class to end with a feeling of pride in yourself and a smile from the inside out.

Included is a sample timetable…still with more classes to be added. Please give me feedback as to anything else you may want to see and ideas for class styles/ times.

which yoga class or practice should I choose?

I’m continually having to remind myself there is a life outside yoga, that the present is as important as the future, & that moving outside my comfort zone is often what I need to do even if it may not be what I want to do! Without change how are we to discover new paths or find more doors to open. If we continue to follow our initial tendencies, be it for a yoga practice we think we prefer, a food choice or how we spend our evenings, how can we expect to grow, to nurture our soul with variety & expand our mind with new experiences.