health check in with yoga in Cheshire

   It’s been a lovely month of ‘false spring’ with the warmer temperatures making it easier to get outside tidying the garden after Winter & making plans for the sunnier months. I’ve not only been doing this with my garden but also my own mental & physical health. Personally I like to do an annual MOT, some stuff involving professionals […]

3 months to be the best version of you

We need to prioritise ourselves to get the benefits of feeling happy, comfortable & well in our physical body & mind. So today make yourself a Spring resolution to spend the next 3 months establishing habits for a lifetime. Regular yoga, eating clean, getting outside more, making time to relax (that doesn’t include tV watching!) & establishing a meditation practice (5 minutes is better than no minutes!!). Habits that are less about what others expect you to be & more about how to be the best happiest healthiest version of yourself.

Questioning my yoga

Again and again I appreciate how lucky I am to live the life I lead. Recently a student asked me to help with her college business studies by answering questions about my little business. These included the obvious enquiries into time management, skills required, why I decided to start the business and potential problems. These along with such questions as whether I socialize with clients, & whether it’s beneficial to business, has luck affected my business and how do I stay motivated all allowed me the opportunity of asking these questions to myself as well as answering then for her!
The question
Have you learnt anything really important since you started running your business?
Yes. To believe in the impossible, to dream & to follow those dreams and to appreciate & be grateful for everything you learn.

3 questions to ask yourself?

Do you love yourself?
Is it normal to dislike and/ or be dissatisfied with yourself. How sad is that?
What could you do if you weren’t worried about what was wrong with you? Could you make a difference to your life? Or somebody elses’ with that time?
This blog article isn’t the easiest I have written for it forces me to be honest with myself and to question some of the ‘healthy’ lifestyles and advice given by many in my industry. I want to write about body image. How many of us are in a place of negative body image,….how we often think how nice it would be when we are that bit slimmer/ further on in a yoga posture, more flexible, stronger, more toned.

Moving closer to santosha

Obviously I am constantly striving to practice tapas, using this discipline and motivation to keep moving forward. However this can sometimes detract from the practice of santosha, contentment. Enjoying where you are rather than looking for where you could be.
So for me this trip has been beneficial in so many ways. Admiring the beauty of snow capped mountains, and being glad I don’t live there! Getting the chance to really appreciate what I have at home and how much my life suits me and who I am. So basically it’s done what a vacation should do, taken me to beautiful places, allowed me to spend quality time with family and friends, and allowed me to really appreciate the life I lead when not on holiday. So the feeling of wanting to move away was necessary to realise that actually I find my santosha at home.

Yoga core strength provides strength in action & in rest

Core strength will help not only with the physical stuff like back pain & posture. Core strength also helps provide the strength to say no, the knowledge to know when we need a rest. Yoga helps us turn our focus inward, to our core. Developing core strength helps us to act on the knowledge that we find! Maybe I dream big, but I also understand that each person whose life I can open to this possibility of feeling better from the inside out, to practicing yoga, means my dreams have come true.

Yoga and holidays

ding time where you are constantly amongst noise, at the pull of social expectation and in constant company may be what happens to a lot of us through the holiday season. I am loving being around people, secure that it is only for a finite time. The more time I spend with others, the more I realise that the regular retreat from this reality of constant social interaction is something I need for my inner Me to be peaceful and happy. It makes me realise that my life choices are right for me, that I enjoy the peace of solitude, the quiet of being alone and the indulgence of managing my own time. It often takes a change of scenery to appreciate what you already have. I am trying to let it remind me of how lucky I am to have usually get time, opportunity and awareness of the alternative in my usual life. This time where I am outside of my normal reality has given me a different viewpoint. Somewhere amongst the busy social time I have heard my inner voice guiding me toward decisions I think I needed to be outside of my usual life to hear. Our inner voice can be quiet, we may try to over ride it with logic or obscuring it with fear. However when we do listen to it we realise it is often just reminding us what we already knew in our heart.