Yoga & finding stillness

So here I am, flying off to make some time for me. Time to look at that which I love about my life, maybe see how distance from the situation changes how I feel about decisions and directions I may choose. Time to sit quietly, enjoying the stillness and space necessary to hear intuition and to be. To find the time to do less and just be more. Much as I love my world of teaching yoga in Cheshire, the business side of things involves decisions. Making decisions is often based in action. Made through thought rather than intuition. So when I am busy doing, teaching & exploring possibilities I often find the next step has been taken out of necessity, but often also without spending time in contemplating or stillness.

Moving closer to santosha

Obviously I am constantly striving to practice tapas, using this discipline and motivation to keep moving forward. However this can sometimes detract from the practice of santosha, contentment. Enjoying where you are rather than looking for where you could be.
So for me this trip has been beneficial in so many ways. Admiring the beauty of snow capped mountains, and being glad I don’t live there! Getting the chance to really appreciate what I have at home and how much my life suits me and who I am. So basically it’s done what a vacation should do, taken me to beautiful places, allowed me to spend quality time with family and friends, and allowed me to really appreciate the life I lead when not on holiday. So the feeling of wanting to move away was necessary to realise that actually I find my santosha at home.

Yoga and holidays

ding time where you are constantly amongst noise, at the pull of social expectation and in constant company may be what happens to a lot of us through the holiday season. I am loving being around people, secure that it is only for a finite time. The more time I spend with others, the more I realise that the regular retreat from this reality of constant social interaction is something I need for my inner Me to be peaceful and happy. It makes me realise that my life choices are right for me, that I enjoy the peace of solitude, the quiet of being alone and the indulgence of managing my own time. It often takes a change of scenery to appreciate what you already have. I am trying to let it remind me of how lucky I am to have usually get time, opportunity and awareness of the alternative in my usual life. This time where I am outside of my normal reality has given me a different viewpoint. Somewhere amongst the busy social time I have heard my inner voice guiding me toward decisions I think I needed to be outside of my usual life to hear. Our inner voice can be quiet, we may try to over ride it with logic or obscuring it with fear. However when we do listen to it we realise it is often just reminding us what we already knew in our heart.

change is as good as a rest!

Rather than the holiday I was thinking I needed..actually what I needed to do was to change my situation at home. I think this is often the case. That we run away on holiday to escape things that aren’t running how we want them at home or work. Then we come home from holiday feeling less rested as we walk back into the same situation we needed the holiday to escape from. Is it not better to examine the reasons you need to escape, to get away. Obviously a holiday or break can allow us the space to look at what we need to change. How we want to live. Maybe teaching us new skills, removing us from responsibilities we may have at home, or just giving us the physical or mental recharge to be able to return home and make changes. Is it not better to make your home & yourself, your refuge from the world rather than a brief break from a situation that isn’t how you want it.