Pausing to enjoy my yoga

So I am returning from a weekend away full of plans. However these plans aren’t plans to do, but plans to be. Plans to savour the rasa, the taste, of my wonderful life. Sometimes we are so busy doing, achieving, striving and anticipating we forget to just be. So I am reminding myself to be more mindful of savouring the moment. Of living in (& maybe for) today without continually having one foot in what could have been and another stepping into maybes and dreams!

Yoga & finding stillness

So here I am, flying off to make some time for me. Time to look at that which I love about my life, maybe see how distance from the situation changes how I feel about decisions and directions I may choose. Time to sit quietly, enjoying the stillness and space necessary to hear intuition and to be. To find the time to do less and just be more. Much as I love my world of teaching yoga in Cheshire, the business side of things involves decisions. Making decisions is often based in action. Made through thought rather than intuition. So when I am busy doing, teaching & exploring possibilities I often find the next step has been taken out of necessity, but often also without spending time in contemplating or stillness.