3 months to be the best version of you

We need to prioritise ourselves to get the benefits of feeling happy, comfortable & well in our physical body & mind. So today make yourself a Spring resolution to spend the next 3 months establishing habits for a lifetime. Regular yoga, eating clean, getting outside more, making time to relax (that doesn’t include tV watching!) & establishing a meditation practice (5 minutes is better than no minutes!!). Habits that are less about what others expect you to be & more about how to be the best happiest healthiest version of yourself.

is there more to life than yoga classes?

Before teaching my Stockton Heath yoga class in Warrington last night I had an interesting conversation with a friend about the people who ‘do stuff’ and those that don’t!! By this we were discussing the way some people seem to live their lives for the weekend, almost wishing away their week on a job that doesn’t inspire them and often losing their evenings sitting on the sofa watching TV.
We are given an opportunity to live our lives so we should take advantage of this. A mind or body that is stretched to new places usually feels better for the experience. I would challenge anyone to give up their television for 3 months and tell me that their life is less for the experience!!

yogic flexibility

When you are enviously looking at the student on the mat next to you fold their foot up by their ear, focus internally on your breath, close your eyes and take your awareness back to your flexibility of mind! As our minds become more flexible we are able to accept that we are all different & we all shine in different areas. For me as a yoga teacher, the student who discovers more about themselves & their internal world through their physical practice is learning more from yoga than the student who can easily flow into a difficult physical practice. So remember that yoga is about more than just physical postures; that the asana are just one of eight areas which Patanjali focused on as the practice of yoga.