which yoga class or practice should I choose?

I’m continually having to remind myself there is a life outside yoga, that the present is as important as the future, & that moving outside my comfort zone is often what I need to do even if it may not be what I want to do! Without change how are we to discover new paths or find more doors to open. If we continue to follow our initial tendencies, be it for a yoga practice we think we prefer, a food choice or how we spend our evenings, how can we expect to grow, to nurture our soul with variety & expand our mind with new experiences.

people watching & posture

We can work on postural and emotional issues together with yoga practice, both in class & during our day to day lives. Awareness, of tendencies in ourselves and in others, is our first stage in change. Hence people watching may be the first step to learning about ourselves..especially if it involves a long coffee and sitting in the sunshine watching the world go by!