Yoga in Cheshire asks ‘Who am I?’

So who am I? I learn that I am as fearful of success as of failure. Of notoriety as of being invisible. I would hate to be average but also I recognise my fear of actually pushing at the edges of my potential.
I am constantly seeking to learn, to give & to share. To enjoy this life & discover that pleasure in the less obvious places as well as those society tells us are what we should be aiming for. My mind sees & seeks opportunity yet is also content where I am. I am happy being quiet & dancing on a podium. I find pleasure in snow & in sunshine. I am a contradiction!

which yoga class or practice should I choose?

I’m continually having to remind myself there is a life outside yoga, that the present is as important as the future, & that moving outside my comfort zone is often what I need to do even if it may not be what I want to do! Without change how are we to discover new paths or find more doors to open. If we continue to follow our initial tendencies, be it for a yoga practice we think we prefer, a food choice or how we spend our evenings, how can we expect to grow, to nurture our soul with variety & expand our mind with new experiences.