Yoga Relaxation Video Using A MetronomeGetting outside our ordinary everyday routine is wonderful for showing us things we need to change! as well as those things we need to appreciate! I have certainly noticed a few of both in this holiday. I have a life at home where, although I am busy, it is doing things that make me happy! I get to share my passion with wonderful people, to open my heart and my world to new experiences daily. I do however see many of these wonderful people stressed and worried as they have many demands made of them every day. Hence the new relaxation on YouTube using a metronome that can be used to bring a sense of focus and inner quiet to your day. Using an app…easily available for free on the iPhone…please let this bring some space to your holiday time that is just about you.
Whereas most people have lives in which they are often constantly in demand …at home by family, children and or partners; at work by colleagues or just the demands of day to day working life….I am lucky enough to be able to schedule peaceful time within my day. During my holiday I have been more in demand and at the mercy of other people’s schedules. This has really given me the motivation to change a few things not only in my own life when I return…the sign of a successful holiday I feel, but also when organising lifestyle retreats and yoga holidays. Normally my life is very removed to that of most people, and this inclusion in the everyday life of others has served as an educational experience in that respect. Hence the relaxation video…just a few minutes where my focus goes inward really helps me to stay as near as I will ever be to sane!
It is also a reminder that maybe what other people need in their holidays is something very different to what they have at home. Obviously I include lots of yoga time, opportunity to learn about the aspects of yoga philosophy, nutrition and meditation that they may wish to explore deeper than they have opportunity to in class. Also I include flexibility in scheduling and more time for relaxing, enjoying pockets of time throughout the day to just be as well as do. Regular check in time to enjoy a few minutes inner quiet, time to observe the breath and notice what it may be telling us about how we are in our mind and our body.
So my enthusiasm is really fired up for establishing more of these opportunities for others. More yoga holidays and lifestyle retreats. More different experiences where people can find space for themselves. Time for yoga (well obviously!!) but also combined with other opportunities. Maybe walking, maybe nutritional advice or therapy. Maybe weight loss and fitness retreats, maybe yoga retreats which also include hypnotherapy and motivational sessions. Holidays which are opportunities to discover the inner you. The peaceful light part of you that is intuitive. The part that tells you the answers you’ve been looking for, rather than the answers you hear from the external world. Retreats that allow you to notice the inner quiet, and find the peace that seeps through every part of you when you spend time there.
So please help me here. My life is a little the other way round…as I am lucky enough to live a wonderful life with few demands on my personal time. I have a life focused on that which I understand is not available to many people; yoga, good health and self study. So tell me what you would like in a holiday and let me do the work to bring it into being. I have the belief that sunshine, nutritional food, yoga and some luxury can be combined with many other opportunities to create some life changing experiences. I enjoy a challenge so give me one. Let me create a holiday with TLC. If I am developing yogaTLC to be a place where individual requirements are what I focus on…let me bring that same philosophy to my holidays!

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