Hypnotherapy has been explained in many different ways but I see it as a way to move the conscious mind out of the way so that we can get the deeper, older, subconscious mind to change, maybe accept new ideas or change a habit or behaviour.  We can change the impression of years of habit-forming behaviour by speaking directly to the subconscious. It is often the conscious mind that tells us we can’t. The subconscious mind quietly organises our relaxation, our respiration, and our unconscious behaviours. So let that same subconscious quietly change your world for the better!

Hypnosis is so effective because

We use different induction techniques, changing them dependant upon the individual client. After an initial consultation we ensure that the client knows what to expect. Then we can determine which induction technique may be appropriate and how to focus on the change we are aiming to achieve. The client needs to be comfortable throughout the session and will often be partly aware of the process. It is a way to reprogram the bad habits we all get into, providing inner strength and an ease to previously difficult changes in both behaviour and attitude.

Hypnosis can be useful with changing habits such as smoking, over eating, nail biting & negative thinking. It may also help ease insomnia, lessen stress and generally improve quality of life. It can be a one off session, a short course, or a regular maintenance session allowing you some time to truly relax, focus and go deep inside yourself.

For prices see Individual tuition page but generally around £90/session or £200 for smoking cessation

Testimonial‘I have lost five pounds already, I only saw you Wednesday!!! I think I was eating 1200 calories a day in sugar alone. Am now loving tea au natural now (no sugar) & seem to be able to eat healthy food and snacks as much as I want!! Oh and I haven’t had 1 headache which is unprecedented for me…wow who would’ve thought sugar would’ve done that!! You’re a star’  C (Warrington)


Group sessions and sessions with additional acupuncture (to strengthen the results) are also available on request. Please speak to Tabitha for details on 07754 434350.