time is precious

Time is our most precious gift yet the one we tend to take for granted. It was my birthday this week and a few good friends gifted me their time. The day started with me laughing out loud as I continually discovered small notes in every nook and cupboard wishing me well…small deeds done with love and good will which really touched me. Later the day I was reminded that many hands make light work when friends visited to help with some DIY….even more so when I got to do the light work and they did the heavy stuff!! Not only did the wall they took down let in more light to my garden, but they brought a lightness to my day and a brightness to my smile!
Every day I am grateful to have the opportunity to live, learn & practice my yoga both on and off the mat. These days I am loving having more time to do it and less stress about how quickly it happens and I’m enjoying the greater awareness that yoga brings to my life. Both internal and externally appreciating the world through clearer vision.
As Patanjali’s yoga sutra 1.3 tada drashtuh svarupe avasthanam explains so much better in discussing how when the clouds are removed it can be seen that the sun was always there, merely hidden by the clouds of our minds!!