Last year seems so long ago now…the naivety of my dreams and the lack of consideration of the effects of the dreaming. Karma is action….and all action has results. The world is full of dreamers and doers and when the dreamers become doers all sorts of amazing things happen

On a memorable journey to London last April, a group of girls chatted about their dreams. The hopes they had of the future and how they wanted to make changes to expand their worlds. Of those girls, all have made positive changes in the year. Some moving on in love, some in their career. One moving all the way to Ibiza! Myself I dreamed of having my own yoga studio. My dreams were of building a place that would be the focal point of a yoga community. I wanted a place that was a safe haven, where people could come to relax, to explore and to discover their potential. I wanted to make a difference and bring the joy of yoga to as many people as possible. Making my little studio somewhere welcoming, fun and non judgmental. Somewhere that everyone feels welcome. So it’s not just a place for the bendy or physically able, or those wearing designer yoga outfits. Instead I wanted a place that supported and aided the yoga community.

Well I did it. I achieved my dream and from that dream other ideas were formed. Once I established the idea of monthly events where we could raise money for charities I really felt I was able to use the yoga studio to make a difference. Not only did these events allow students to practice with different teachers but also to get to know each other off their mats. Allowing friendships to form and strengthen and new ideas to be played with.  Last week was really special for me as we did our first Yoga in Cheshire Yogathon.

A  yogathon is the practice of 108 sun salutations (Surya Namaskar). We had 23 yogis (including 3 teachers) flowing through their practice all raising money for the charity of their choice. As it was the first one I asked for a minimum donation of  only £20 although some people raised up to £300! For me it was the energy in the room that sealed it as an a memorable & wonderful day. The relaxation at the end allowed me to indulge in such pride for what we had achieved. Every single person completing their 108 & feeling good about it! We raised over £2000 in total for different charities which is an amazing achievement, but we helped people to believe in themselves just that little bit more which to me is worth everything. We are holding another at the end of September and hope to raise more…more money for charity, more positive energy and more self belief. However I am not sure we will repeat the wonderful energy of those students at our first Yogathon, in my little studio, flowing through what was for me, a physical representation of everything I had dreamed of. A place where we support each other to be able to achieve more than we can alone. A place of friendships and fun as well a yoga studio. A place where dreams do and did come true!

Lets make sure that this feeling does not change when we relocate back to less permanent premises. Just because we no longer have a place that is just for yoga, doesn’t mean that the glue that holds the community together is any less strong. I want to take all I have learnt into the year ahead, maintaining the good things and moving on from the negatives. I wish for a community that practices together & supports each other. A place where we will maintain the wonderful energy able to bring tears to my eyes.


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