Why do I want to call the yoga I teach YogaTLC. It’s yoga where we treat ourselves well. We don’t push ourselves into contortionist shapes but we use the physical asana (postures) to heal not harm. We aim to move out of our comfort zones but not be competitive. We are honest with ourselves and kind to ourselves. We provide our body with the nutrition we need, mentally, physically and emotionally only ingesting that which does us good.
I want yogaTLC to give us a toolbox from which we can take the things that allow us to heal.

Be it a short physical practice that keeps our body feeling loose and comfortable rather than feeling we have to do an entire 75 minute practice every day. Knowing which postures may suit when we’ve spent the day at the desk and shoulders are tense, or when we’ve sat on a long journey and our back aches. Knowing that we can forgive ourselves for not always being perfect, and instead be kind to ourselves. I want to provide people with the knowledge and confidence to be kinder to themselves. To treat themselves as well as they are able with the tools they have available to them. We need to be as kind and loving to ourselves & to others as we would like others to be towards us.
So I want to offer workshops where we can learn about nutrition, not deprivation or weight loss, but nutrition that supports us in our lives. I want to offer short relaxations on YouTube that give you the opportunity to stop and switch your focus inward for just a few minutes. I want the physical practice of yoga to be something you understand. Not just a series of postures that you are talked through by a teacher in a class. Instead having your own individual toolbox of short practices that maybe you could do on waking to move your body into a comfortable space. I want my yoga holidays and retreats to provide, not just a time to relax but an opportunity to be able to expand your knowledge in the direction you are interested in.
I have a head full of information that I want to share. I have a passion for a lifestyle that can allow your body and mind to be more capable and comfortable than you may have believed feasible. I want you to be able to treat yourself with the Tender Loving Care that modern life seems to forget matters.

Upcoming Workshops and Retreats