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I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a little extra padding than I did in March. I am eating the same (so I tell myself) but if I am honest there are probably a few more cups of tea every day, often accompanied by a snack or a nibble of cake. When I did my MSc in Weight Management I found it interesting how the little things…just an extra apple a day. Just those extra 50 calories can result in a few kilos worth of extra calories in a year!!! Now I know that weight gain is much more than simple calories in & calorie out, but it does make a difference. 

As does our restricted movement patterns. On a usual week (pre lockdown) I drive around 8 hours between classes & venues. In theory I now have 8 hours more time to exercise! However around that extra 8 hours driving are many hours of movement .. carrying thing in & out of venues, popping into cafes for a brew (this does seem to be a tendency of mine!!) & walking into the village to buy from a local shop or get a shoe repair/ key cut/ post letters. All those little journeys soon add up. The extra time for exercise does not seem to be as available as you’d expect now that I am not driving as much, but the lower step count is more noticeable. 

To be honest I am maybe filling those extra hours with baking!! In childhood our family had chickens. Lots of chickens. This led to a childhood when we were encouraged to eat eggs, bake with extra eggs, cook with eggs. Hence, as a family we all have a talent for making things with eggs!! Now apart from maybe cinnamon eggy bread, aren’t cakes the nicest things we make with eggs? I tell myself they’re OK if you sneak in some fruit or vegetables to make them feel healthier too! However back to the issue. The result of that combination of moving a bit less & nibbling a bit more …. is a bit extra to hug!

I was looking back to 2012 when I started my hypnotherapy journey. Since then I have worked with many clients on breaking bad habits like nail biting, weight management, healthy eating, reducing anxiety, better sleep, & smoking cessation. As with anything, some people are more receptive than others, but I found everyone found benefits from the practice. Recent research shows that those trained in relaxation gain even more benefit. Yogis who have practiced focus, breath awareness & the bliss of that final relaxation in savasana, often find great benefits from hypnotherapy. We are already practiced at focus, relaxing & visualising. I use many different techniques during a hypnotherapy session so don’t worry if you aren’t a good visualiser or if you think you can’t relax as well as your friend. We will try lots of methods so it works for you too.

Hypnotherapy is about responding to the therapist’s suggestions. Encouraging the subconscious mind to accept changes. If you already know & practice yoga with your hypnotherapist you have an advantage to total strangers who aren’t used to taking instructions on breath, focus & imagination. We will also find that doing yoga with your hypnotherapist between sessions can help strengthen hypnotic suggestions.

When we practice hypnotherapy, we are more susceptible to change. By being in that relaxed state of mind we can access Alpha & Theta brain waves which are the optimal time to program the mind for success. These Alpha waves are present in deep physical & mental relaxation. They heighten imagination, visualisation, memory, learning & are the voice of our intuition & the gateway to our subconscious. Theta brainwaves are the realm of the subconscious.  They happen everyday in that lovely drifty stage just as you’re falling asleep. Delta brain waves are the deep sleep wave & great for healing, they’re experienced in deep dreamless sleep & only experienced in very deep meditation & hypnotic states. They are the realm of the unconscious mind.

We are aiming for that light trance state of relaxation, where you are aware of but not distracted by outside noises. About 80% of clients can experience this deeply relaxed suggestible state. Any level of trance where the client can accept suggestions without the critical thinking of the conscious mind will bring positive benefits. Hypnotherapy for weight loss & reducing anxiety is effective because it can address the cause & other contributing factors at the subconscious level. This is where our memories, habits, fears, negative self-talk, food associations & our self esteem germinate. We can work on reducing general anxiety which reduces our cortisol levels too. Cortisol is our stress hormone & can lead to food cravings & centrally located adiposity (tummy podge!) so less of it is good!

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I have found great results with clients, from weight loss to more confidence, improved self-belief, calmness & more focus on life goals. Hypnotherapy can have a huge effect on everything from improved sleep, success in relationships to progress at work, our self-image & our motivation. There is no guarantee of success although I have found that those few people who initially feel nothing has changed. They often return a few weeks later to say how much has changed, subtly & without effort to improve their life. 

People receiving hypnotherapy had lower rates of inflammation & a better quality of life. Below are some links showing that the small amount of research on the subject, does show positive results from the role of hypnotherapy in weight management.


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