being present with yoga

One thing I have noticed more and more is how many people are not truly present when you are with them. Yes we all have daydreaming moments or get distracted, we all get tired and bored. But are we truly present for the times and people we should be there for. I am lucky enough […]

How yoga helps happiness

Happiness is one of my life goals… it helps to enhance the quality of your life and the length of your life. A double win!! There are a few things that we all need to be aware of in our search for happiness Fun makes life better! Experiences makes us happier than things…although things that […]

9 ways to improve work life balance with yoga

So this year I am planning lots more me time. Quality time. A better work life balance. A better balance in many areas of my life! Here’s some ideas for you to do the same. Spring equinox is a great time to reflect on balance as we move into a warmer season we can reflect […]

quality not quantity yoga classes

It is a common problem these days…even amongst those that should know better…work life balance!! Although my work is incredibly meaningful and personally fulfilling it is also demanding of me in terms of time, travel, study, research and emotional energy. Many people in the caring professions…from doctors to teachers….can suffer professional burnout. This is a […]

9 ways to be kind & why it is important

Most of all though…be kind to yourself. Stop with the over thinking, the drama, the negative influences around you. Start with the looking after yourself by finding time to meditate, do yoga, eat well and rest when needed. Did you know being kind can increase your happiness, lower stress, lower blood pressure & inspire more kindness.

yoga & the need for a midsummer pause

  Sometimes I have so much that I want to say that I seem to get t stuck where to start. So I will start with making time to pause. The summer solstice is a perfect opportunity for us to pause and evaluate where we are. How the year is progressing…how the seeds we have […]